I’m looking forward to meeting you.

Welcome to my new blog. I’m looking forward to sharing my healing journey with you. For years I let incest rule my life until I made a choice to actively pursue healing. My father sexually molested me from the age of eight until I was fifteen.  My mom knew about the abuse and did nothing but keep notebooks of every time he came into my room. The courts removed me from my parents’ home until my father died, then sent me back to my mom. 

In search of healing I tried many things: drugs, therapy, the occult, and a wild lifestyle. Many of these paths provided some relief, but the pain always came back because real healing didn’t occur. 

There is no meter on pain. Pain is pain. I don’t know what has caused your hurt, but I assure you that healing is possible. I hope my site will help you find encouragement and healing for the hurts and pains you face in your life. I look forward to sharing what has helped and hindered my healing.

No problems or challenges are too difficult for God to change. He has promised to create beauty from ashes. It is my prayer that you find the healing peace of God in your life.

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