Confession is good for the soul

I am not speaking about confessing sins or sharing deep dark secrets about ourselves. Although confessing our sins and asking God for forgiveness is a great idea, I’m speaking about a different kind of confession.

For the purpose of this blog post: Confession means what we speak and think about ourselves. Soul (differentiated from Spirit) is our mind, will, and emotions. The mind contains our thoughts and plans; the will our determination; and the emotions are the feelings that fuel our actions.

What we say about ourselves to others and in the confines of our mind determine how we act and what changes we make in our lives. I used to recite the hurts I received at my parents’ hands, how depressed I was, how things would never improve, that I might as well be dead. Instead of pulling me out of depression, I spiraled down. These words were like picking scabs. The wounds never had a chance to heal. The moment I found some relief, I’d remember the past and lose my grip on healing.

Have you spoken words over yourself that tear you down? We need to think about what we are thinking about and what we are saying. Our spontaneous responses are a good indicator of what is holding us back from our healing. Someone once suggested I carry a voice-activated tape recorder around with me for a day. When I played back what I said, I was shocked at the amount of negativity coming from my mouth. I denigrated myself and viewed what others said and did in such negative terms that I was digging myself deeper into the hole of despair.

Words have power. The spoken word gets into our minds and hearts. If someone criticizes or praises us, we replay those words over and over. When criticized I tend to rehearse what I should have said in my defense or the perfect comeback for a false accusation. Praise doesn’t stick as long in my mind as criticism does. After years of being belittled, when someone praises me, I disbelieve the truth of their praises and wonder if they are just being nice.

As we venture on the path of healing, we come face to face with the mirror of our souls. For many years my mirror distorted my image, like I was walking in a fun house with curved mirrors that never portrayed my true self. What does your reflection look like?

Is your image distorted? Is it accurate? Is it colored by the past? What lies are you believing about yourself?

I used to wonder what others thought about me. I became adept at wearing masks. I believed if people knew the real me they would reject me, so I contorted myself to fit the image of what I thought they wanted me to be. I lost myself in the process.

Who are you really?
How many masks are you wielding?

Would you like to know what the One who really loves you as you are thinks? For years I was dubious about God, even after I chose to form a relationship with Him. I tried to be a wallflower, not drawing His attention. If He noticed me, I felt He would slap His forehead and exclaim, “How did she get into My Kingdom?” I was sure that He would kick me out if I made any waves.

I was so far from the truth. Someone gave me a list of Bible verses entitled, “Who am I in Christ?” It comes from a book by Neil Anderson called The Bondage Breaker. I spent years studying these verses and speaking them over my life. It took time, but I am beginning to accept them as truths in my life. For the next few weeks we are going to go over these verses and examine them. If there are any that you need to believe, repeat them.

The Word of God is like a medicine. You can take a Bible verse and repeat it. There is no way to overdose on the truth.

If you want to see a complete list of the verses, I have them written on my other blog. I wrote them in several different Bible translations so you can find one that works best for you.

For now please keep reminding yourself how much God loves you.  That you are His precious child. That He cares about you and wants the best for you.

Have a blessed day.


About Heather Marsten

Welcome to Heather's Blog. I'm looking forward to meeting you and checking out your sites. I just moved about nine years of material over from another blog site, Xanga, who may close down mid-July. At first I was disappointed to make the move because I had a lifetime membership at Xanga and had to spend weeks transferring posts. But now I'm thrilled. Already I've met new bloggers and read many new websites. Blogging is a wonderful way to expand my horizons and garner new ideas. I'm a happily married mom of three young adults. My husband and I are proud to watch our children grow and venture out into the world. My daughter is still in college but my two sons have graduated. One has a job and the other just graduated and is in the process of finding a job in his field, physics. Anyone know of any jobs out there? I'm proud of our children and love watching them grow and mature. They've become fine, compassionate, and loving people. Empty nest? Nah, I'm too busy to let an empty nest bother me. Not enough hours in the day. My husband and I enjoy quiet time together and I have many interests to pursue - one of which is blogging :D I am a born-again believer and love God. As you read this blog, you will discover that Bible studies thrill me. There is so much wisdom contained between the covers of the Bible and I am fortunate to sit under the teachings of a remarkable pastor, Pastor Don Moore. Members of our church (Living Word Chapel in West Hurley, New York) are encouraged to teach and there are visiting pastors who stop by our church, I also study the Bible on my own and love sharing what I learn. One other passion is writing. My current work in process is a memoir. A scene from my memoir was published in a book called: Heavenly Company: Entertaining Angels Unaware - an anthology of angelic encounters compiled by Cecil Murphy. I'm hoping my memoir will encourage other survivors of abuse. I grew up in a home filled with abuse, including incest. For most of my life I was searching for something that would fill the void of not being loved by my parents. I tried many ways to find that love -- therapy, relationships, occult studies, and keeping my life so filled I had no way to think about my past. It was only when I discovered God that I was able to put the pieces of my life back together and walk forward in a joyous life. My nickname - wondering has changed from wondering where the heck God was in my life, to wondering what incredible adventure is going to happen next. I hope you enjoy my site. Please say hi, share some thoughts, and ask questions. I look forward to meeting you and checking out your sites. Have a blessed day. Heather
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8 Responses to Confession is good for the soul

  1. katmagendie says:

    Thank you for stopping by my blog, Heather.

    The older I am, the more I can let go, but I have to know it is something to let go of first – so many times we can hold onto anger or pain because that is what defines us – it makes us who we are – if we let it go, then who will we be? Well, we will be the person we were always meant to be and more! And we can find peace, and just as important, our find our power -not give our power away any more.

    • Amen, I had a hard time letting go of the past. How freeing it was when I did. I had to forgive my abusers then I could get free. I’m hoping the memoir I’m writing will encourage others to get free. Have a blessed day. I am looking forward to reading more of your blog.

  2. Yvette says:

    It is so important to confess God’s truth over ourselves. I have that book you mentioned in my bookshelf, I think I will open it up again and confess awesome things over myself!
    Blessings, and I love the way you express yourself.

  3. Deborah says:

    Our blogs are both new and similar in topic. I look forward to reading more!

  4. Hazel Moon says:

    It is with doubt and fear that we fail to move forward when we KNOW what it is we should do. May we walk in boldness and step forward,

    • Amen, so important to be obedient and step forward even when our knees are shaking. Sometimes I wish God gave me the total map with you are here clearly marked, but He wants us to trust Him and only shows us the next step. Now I’m seeing that is good because if He showed too much we might be afraid to take that next step. Guess it all boils down to trust. Have a blessed day. I subscribed to your site, I love your devotionals. Heather

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